Published Works


Audio Dramas

Evcol Entertainment / Clockwork Digital Studios Original Productions, parts of the On Another Wavelength audio anthology series featuring the voice talents of Samantha Boffin, Michelle Campbell-Jones, Holly Gillanders, Will Harrison-Wallace and Mitch Howell, – Written by C Edward Sellner, Directed & Produced by Simon James Collier, Series Created & Co-Produced by Adam Dechanel, Soundscape Design: Zachary Elliott-Hatton.


When young Timothy Hopkins witnesses his parents gunned down on the streets of London, he takes the last words of the shooter as a sacred trust to protect the world from ending by convincing himself EVERY day that TODAY the world will end. 

Dark Thriller


What happens when a writer faces the reality that the words have stopped coming? A noir tale of a writer's worst nightmare!


The Little Things

Trapped on an alien world, their ship destroyed and faced with disaster, one woman will hold onto hope until her dying breath!

Science Fiction

Harmony in Green

An alien world is about to receive a new master, but not the one they expect! When a young man shows himself to be a musical savant, those who have prepared for his coming welcome him as the new master of their world.

Science Fiction

The Choice

Two men must each make a choice that will change both their lives forever! Detective James Corrigan encounters an ancient and dark threat on the mean streets of New York City.

Dark Fantasy

Comics and Webcomics

The Monarch of Manhattan

A Tale of the Visionary Universe!

A modern pulp fantasy! Shakalla was born in an Age of Magic, a warrior prince destined to become king. But now, in pursuit of his arch-enemy, Daemon Thornne, he finds himself in modern-day New York, a brand new kingdom to claim!

Writer: C. Edward Sellner / Pencils & Breakdowns: Jose Aviles
Inks & Finishes: Rudi Sucipto / Colors: Paul Little / Letters: Jacob Bascle
Cover by Azim Akberali

Modern Pulp Fantasy

The Knight

A Tale of the Visionary Universe!

In the near future, a vigilante called the Knight, sacrifices their life to save the city, proving to be every bit the hero the people believed. But who was the Knight? What was their story? Now the truth can be told!
Writer: C. Edward Sellner / Line Art: Mario Torrisi 
Colors: Saul Maradona / Letters: Jacob Bascle
Cover by Mario Torrisi

Street Level Urban Superhero


Deadlands: The Kid
Issue 1 of the new ongoing Deadlands series, The Kid, is available now. This collector's item, single issue debut brings the legendary Billy the Kid to the Deadlands universe! When Billy loses everything to a roving pack of werewolves, he takes an oath to hunt evil in all it's forms. Guided by Fire-Dancer, a medicine man, and supported by new allies he finds on his quest, he will face a greater evil than he ever imagined!
Writer: C. Edward Sellner / Line Art: Rully Akbar
Colors: Melinda Timpone / Letters: Jacob Bascle
Cover by C. Edward Sellner


Deadlands: Raven
This hardcover collects the 5-issue mini-series detailing the tragic and monstrous history of Deadlands' most notorious villain, Raven! After his tribe is slaughtered, young Raven dedicates his life to a most deadly vengeance and sets out on a journey that will change the world! Written by Matt Cutter and C. Edward Sellner with art by Greg LaRocque, based on Shane Lacy Hensley's Deadlands.


Writer / Colors: C. Edward Sellner / Co-Writer: Matt Cutter
 Line Art:Greg Laroque /Letters: Jacob Bascle
Cover by Steve Firchow


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