Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Monarch of Manhattan: A Modern Pulp-Fantasy Adventure


"Monarch of Manhattan is a modern-pulp, fantasy adventure for Blade and Black Panther fans. This book combines some of the best elements of both with a touch of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan, all set in a buddy-hero tale."

Monarch of Manhattan is the second, original, ongoing Visionary Universe comic series, debuting with a FREE 32-page first issue available now! Get it Here!

Set in Manhattan, the story centers around the strange visitor, Shakalla, a man from a distant past filled with wizards and monsters. Suddenly, he is transported across the ages into modern-day New York, with no way to get home!

He rescues poor Harold Harrington from being mugged and gains his first ally within minutes of arriving. Together, the two set out to figure out what happened and track down Shakalla's arch-foe, Daemonn Thornne, the wizard who killed Shakalla's father and exiled him as a boy.

Monarch mixes fantasy with modern-day action and adventure and introduces us to a truly unique hero. Shakalla hails from a much more technologically primitive world but a far more humanely advanced society. To him, justice is not just beating on criminals but addressing the greater ills of society. He was trained to think as an emperor, not a hero, and as he proves himself an intuitive genius beyond all others, he will fight those larger evils.

While Monarch has darker elements, it also includes a really strong 'buddy-hero' take with great chemistry between the main characters!

This series is brought to you by the incredible talents of writer/creator C. Edward Sellner, pencil breakdowns by Jose Aviles, inks by Rudi Sucipto, colors by Paul Little, and letters by Jacob Bascle.

Monarch will be published in multiple venues later in 2023, so be sure to follow along!



Monday, August 7, 2023

Pre-Order The Good, The Bad, and the Uncanny: Tales of a Very Weird West Now!

presents sixteen original and never-before-published adventures by some of today’s most visionary writers who have spun wildly offbeat tales of gunmen, lawmen, magic, and weird science.

Includes stories from Jennifer Brody, Greg Cox, R.S. Belcher, Scott Sigler, Carrie Harris, James A. Moore, Jeffrey Mariotte, John G. Hartness, Cullen Bunn, Maurice Broadus, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Marguerite Reed, Laura Anne Gilman, Aaron Rosenberg, and Visionary's own C. Edward Sellner, all edited by New York Times Bestselling Author, Jonathan Maberry.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

The Boy Who Would Save the World


What would you sacrifice to save the world?

When young Timothy Hopkins witnesses his parents gunned down on the streets of London, he takes the last words of the shooter as a sacred trust to protect the world from ending by convincing himself EVERY day that TODAY the world will end.

Can, Anthony McGinnis, his well-intentioned Psychiatrist, the first to realize Timothy's burden, help him overcome the destructive path he has chosen for himself?

An award-nominated full-cast audio drama that takes a deep dive into the heart and soul of a young boy who carries a heavy burden.

Produced by EvCol Entertainment / Clockwork Digital Studios and written by Visionary CCO C. Edward Sellner.