Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Outland Entertainment and Pinnacle Entertainment Group are Pleased to Announce the Formation of Outrider Publications!


The Outrider Publications focus is publishing and creating new fiction and comic material based on Pinnacle Entertainment Group‘s library of intellectual property starting with Shane Lacy Hensley’s Deadlands world.

Outrider will be republishing previously created graphic novels like Deadman’s Hand, The Cackler, and Raven as premium hardcovers via Kickstarter. In addition, there are two new Deadlands graphic novels currently in production for release later in 2023, one written by Shane Lacy Hensley and the other by C. Edward Sellner.

The previously published Deadlands Dime Novels Perdition’s Daughter, Independence Day, Night Train, and others will be revised by John Goff, reformatted, repackaged with new covers and graphic design, and released both in print and eBook format later in 2023.

Outrider Publications will also be continuing the anthology series Wendigo Tales, and distributing those into the trade market, along with a Kickstarter later in the year for the second anthology in the series. The second volume will also be edited by Shane Lacy Hensley, with creators Tim Earley, Shanna Germain, Aaron Rosenberg, Simon Lucas, and Matthew Cutter contributing stories.

Other properties in active development are an East Texas University graphic novel, in collaboration with creators Ed Wetterman and Preston P. Dubois and a Rippers Resurrected novel by David Boop.

In addition to all the above, we are also exploring other options for fiction and comics for Holler and Necessary Evil. We hope to have more news on these projects soon!

Outrider Publications will be managed by Editor in Chief C. Edward Sellner in collaboration with Deadlands creator Shane Lacy Hensley.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Call It a Comeback...

Chuck at Phoenix Comic-Con Panels Galore!

You may have noticed I've been missing from any real online presence for quite some while, other than sporadic social media posts.

For the last few years it just has not been on my radar as life seemed to keep conspiring to keep me focused elsewhere. Changes in the studio led me to seriously consider closing shop, I became more involved in caring for my elderly parents which led to a change in home, and, like all of us, there was this ongoing pandemic and everything going on in the world that just seemed so emotionally draining.

I'm not a natural internet guy like a lot of folks. While I'm quite capable and very much enjoy connecting with folks online, the fact is, for me at least, it requires bandwidth, intention and focus. Something the last few years I've just not been able to muster for much. So, for the last few years, I've been focused on work, family, and trying to figure out the next steps in my career and life. Fortunately, Visionary has had some steady work, though it dropped significantly without any kind of marketing or promotional stuff happening. But with increased responsibilities elsewhere, it was enough.

Then back in August of last year, something amazing happened, and suddenly a new chapter and direction opened up and has grown so quickly that it's been a bit overwhelming, so I feel like I'm finally coming to terms with it all.

I'm entering a new phase now, one where Visionary as a studio and publisher, and myself as a creator are moving more and more into the spotlight. Whereas before I worked on a lot of specialized, private projects with limited availability, with our new status as a full digital and print publisher, along with the launching of Outrider Publications, I now find myself with the amazing task of developing multiple lines of books for the mainstream markets, and I couldn't be happier about this shift. While it's great to work with clients on their graphic designs needs, or their specialty comic, there is nothing that quite beats the feeling of having work you've shepherded or did yourself out in the world for everyone to check out.

I've got some pretty major announcements, a bunch of new projects, some amazing new talent and awesome new partnerships I'll be unveiling. Visionary, and myself especially, will also be ramping up a number of public appearances as well as overhauling all our main, blog and social networking sites, so we can roll all this out on various platforms and spread the word! We're very excited about stuff coming down the pipeline and all I know is it's going to be SOOOOO much fun! So, check out our new online presence, subscribe to my newsletter, connect with me on all your favorite networks (listed on the right), and please feel free to say hello, join conversations, and get ready for a truly wild ride!
-C. Edward Sellner