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Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The Visionary Creation Phase 1 Complete Checklist!

The Visionary Creation Phase 1 Complete Checklist!

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As we grow close to the June 1, 2023 launch date for our Visionary Creation Phase 1 Kickstarter Bundle, we figured it was about time to give everyone a complete list of the 19 Epic Tales included in this massive collection we'll be offering at a great price!
All stories and art, unless otherwise noted, are by C. Edward Sellner.

Our core book is our Visions Serialized Collection - this unique, 100K word ongoing prose anthology series will feature several stories in each volume, half of them will be serialized ongoing novels, half stand-alone novellas, and short stories. Each story will be set in the Visionary Creation, and various threads will tie many of the stories in each volume together into a larger whole.

Visions Volume 1 contains:

Genesis: The Books of Creation

A modern re-imagining of the epic poem, Paradise Lost, by John Milton! An epic tale of the very beginning of all creation told in a cosmic fantasy style similar to JRR Tolkien's Silmarillion, Jack Kirby's New Gods and Eternals, and with the cutting edge of George RR Martin's Game of Thrones. This chapter opens during the final Judgement Day and then flashes back to tell the tale of how everything began, including the first darkening of the angel Lucifer!
Ongoing Serialized Series / Visionary Creation

SoulStar: The Dreaming

A genre-bending Superhero epic unlike any other! We open with our hero suffering total amnesia after a terrible battle that haunts his nightmares. When he awakens from a long coma, he finds himself marooned on an impossible alien world and possessing superhuman abilities that he doesn't understand. This volume ends with a startling and terrifying revelation of just how powerful SoulStar is.
Ongoing Serialized Series / Visionary Creation
Variant wraparound cover art by Colton Worley.

Monarch of Manhattan

A modern pulp fantasy! Shakalla was born in an Age of Magic, a warrior prince destined to become king. But now, in pursuit of his arch-enemy, the wizard Daemon Thornne, he finds himself in modern-day New York, a brand new kingdom to claim!
This series is also being released as an ongoing comic series. See below.

Serialized Novel Series / Visionary Universe

The Knight

Who is the mysterious vigilante protecting the streets of Washington DC? What are they fighting for, and what will it mean for the people around them? The Knight is similar to Batman, but everything is different. We focus on a small cast, any of whom could be the vigilante who takes to the streets to fight the organized crime cartel known as the Syndicate.
This series is also being released as an ongoing comic series. See below.

Serialized Novel Series / Visionary Universe
Art by Revin Denisya A. Putra

The Legend of Fire-Mane

Set in the Age of Magic, a Dwarven clan faces a new threat, and one of their greatest warriors must face the battle of his lifetime, against impossible odds. All while wrestling with his own doubts about the choices that brought him and his soldiers to this place and time. Witness the death and birth of a legend!
Novella Series / Visionary Universe

The Interview

A crusading reporter, Aairah Massood, has been seeking the truth about a top-secret government agency that deals with threats facing our world far beyond most people's imagination. When she learns the name of the man running it, Killian Grieves, she is granted an interview to learn all about GUARDIAN (Global Unified Armed Response Division / Intelligence Acquisition Network). As she does, she becomes concerned this may be her last interview. Ever.
Short Story / Visionary Universe

The Storyteller

An author shares the mysterious encounter he had when, as a boy, he became lost in the woods and met an old woman who opened his heart and mind to the true magic of storytelling. In the spirit of Neil Gaiman's works, this modern folktale will touch your heart and soul!
Short Story / Others Universe

Transfer of Power

Story by special guest author and editor of Visions, Greg Cox
In the far future, when humanity has spread to the stars and established interstellar civilizations, conflicts of power still remain. On one world, a peaceful transfer of power is about to face a challenge never expected and hard to believe. Greg Cox delivers a fascinating future world with future world problems.

Short Story / Visionary Universe
Space Station design and art by Wilbert Sweet

Comics and Webcomics

The Monarch of Manhattan

Visionary Universe & 32 pages of story!

A modern pulp fantasy! Shakalla was born in an Age of Magic, a warrior prince destined to become king. But now, in pursuit of his arch-enemy, the wizard Daemon Thornne, he finds himself in modern-day New York, a brand new kingdom to claim!

Writer: C. Edward Sellner / Pencils & Breakdowns: Jose Aviles
Inks & Finishes: Rudi Sucipto / Colors: Paul Little / Letters: Jacob Bascle
Cover by Azim Akberali

The Knight

Visionary Universe & 32 pages of story!
In the near future, a vigilante called the Knight, sacrifices their life to save the city, proving to be every bit the hero the people believed. But who was the Knight? What was their story? Now the truth can be told!

Writer: C. Edward Sellner / Line Art: Mario Torrisi / Colors: Saul Maradona
Letters: Jacob Bascle / Cover by Mario Torrisi and Saul Maradona
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Street Level Urban Superhero


Stretch Goal Third Comic!

First in digital and later in print, one of our final stretch goals will be an extra-sized comics anthology with four more tales of the Visionary Universe! All written by C. Edward Sellner, with art from various creators. New stories will be added as additional stretch goals!

Harmony in Green
In the distant future, on a world colonized millennia ago by human beings and where the plants covering this world respond to music, a new and unique civilization has arisen where musicians are the great powers of society. When one shows an intuitive gift for music beyond all others, it is claimed he will become the master of their world. But he and another may not agree.
Art: Dani Mendoza / Colors: C. Edward Sellner / Letters: Jacob Bascle

The Little Things
 In the future, a scouting mission to find habitable worlds for human colonies crashes on a world hostile to human existence. While the rest of the crew struggle in vain for their own survival, one looks in hope to the future.
Art: Joseph Slucher / Colors: C. Edward Sellner / Letters: Jacob Bascle

The Choice 
A disillusioned cop comes face to face with a legendary evil, and each must make a choice that will forever change both of their lives. Introduces a major mythos to the Visionary Universe.
Pencils: Sean Lee / Inks: A3Dico / Colors: Periya Pillai / Letters: Jacob Bascle

The above three short stories have also been adapted into audio-dramas by EvCol (see below).
Strange Kingdoms
King Ballakka must face a trial of wit, courage, and strength to reach the Old Mother in order to receive a prophecy that will reveal the destiny of his son, Shakalla. Prelude to Monarch of Manhattan
Art: Rafail Ter-Stepanov / Colors: Steven Dellasala / Letters: Jacob Bascle

Stretch Goal Audio Dramas from EvCol

Evcol Entertainment / Clockwork Digital Studios Original Productions, parts of the On Another Wavelength audio anthology series featuring the voice talents of Samantha Boffin, Michelle Campbell-Jones, Holly Gillanders, Will Harrison-Wallace and Mitch Howell, – Written by C Edward Sellner, Directed & Produced by Simon James Collier, Series Created & Co-Produced by Adam Dechanel, Soundscape Design: Zachary Elliott-Hatton.
The Boy Who Would Save the World
When young Timothy Hopkins witnesses his parents gunned down on the streets of London, he takes the last words of the shooter as a sacred trust to protect the world from ending by convincing himself EVERY day that TODAY the world will end.

Dark Thriller / Alternate Universe

A world famous author is facing every writer's nightmare in this noir tale with a twist. What happens when a writer faces the reality that the words have stopped coming?

Drama / Others Universe

 The Little Things
Trapped on an alien world, their ship destroyed and faced with disaster, one woman will hold onto hope until her dying breath!

Science Fiction / Visionary Universe
Harmony in Green
An alien world colonized by humans eons ago is about to receive a new master, but not the one they expect! When a young man shows himself to be a musical savant, those who have prepared for his coming welcome him as the new master of their world.
Science Fiction / Visionary Universe
The Choice
Two men must each make a choice that will change both their lives forever! Detective James Corrigan encounters an ancient and dark threat on the mean streets of New York City.
Dark Fantasy / Visionary Universe



Monday, May 15, 2023

Exploring the Visionary Universe!

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The Visionary Universe

The core universe of our new, shared worlds setting is, not surprisingly, the Visionary Universe! "The Visionary Creation is the mega setting designed to explore stories we can't do in the main universe and to create a large sandbox for other creators to stake their claims and build something of their own once we begin to expand. The Visionary Universe is our prime universe, our Earth-1," shared C. Edward Sellner, the man behind the setting.

"The Visionary Universe will be home to the majority of our stories, and those stories will be far more tightly coordinated to maintain internal continuity and consistency. But we won't be limiting ourselves to one time period or one continent, country, or city. Stories here will range from an Age of Magic that took place eons prior to our own history, throughout our own age from prehistory to the far future and onto other worlds in this universe."

The Visionary Universe is built on a "niche-storytelling" model. "The idea is we've created multiple niches in time and space for telling all kinds of stories. For example, in our Phase 1 bundle, we have a dwarven war story set in the Age of Magic, one character from that age travels to our modern-day time, where six of our stories are set, including our two initial comic series, and finally another three tales take place at various points on different worlds in our science-fiction future."

Connections abound throughout these core universe stories. There are two family members who are main characters in our two comic series, there is a major event in our future that sets the stage for all three sci-fi tales and other threads and easter eggs where you least expect them.

Through this, we want to create a detailed and storied world with layers of depth that span from the beginning of time to its end.

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Limited Edition Wraparound Cover for Monarch of Manhattan and The Knight #1
Art by Colton Worley

 Spotlight On: The Knight and Monarch of Manhattan

Our first two ongoing comic series are sister-series (check them out and you'll see why we use that term). They are both contemporary, set in current day New York City and Washington DC. and yes, our two heroes will definitely meet someday soon! These two become the world's first 'costumed vigilantes' who bring a new justice to the streets!

The two series also stand on their own, with The Knight having a darker, grittier take set on the streets of the Nation's Capital, while Monarch has a more light-hearted approach with fantasy elements mixed in, considering Shakalla's origins.

These are also our first two simultaneous prose/comic epics, with their stories being told in prose in serialized chapters of Visions and in comics in their respective series.

One of the short stories in Visions also ties directly into both of these series. Check out The Interview for events of both books to be seen from a different perspective!


Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Who Are the Mysterious Others?


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    Who Are the Mysterious Others?

    One of our two key universes in the Visionary Creation setting is the Others' Universe, specifically that universe's Earth. "When I was putting together some of the initial ideas for series, it occurred to me that I had a couple characters who had two, distinct shared elements to their stories," creator C. Edward Sellner shared. "First, it was important both were set in a world without the overtly fantastic. No magic, no monsters, no super-heroes. Both also had a similar MO in how their own fantastic abilities worked, and I realized that I could do a lot more within those two boundaries. As a result, instead of those two being special people on their own worlds, thanks to a suggestion from our Production Guru Jacob Bascle, they became the first two people of a special world."

    The Others are normal, every day people, who live in a normal every day world, but, often without even realizing it, they possess special abilities and gifts that instead of working in THEIR world, touch other worlds in various ways.Each is unique, their abilities are unique. Many of them operate in a way that the person with those abilities never even realize what they truly are. For some, it's more a curse than a gift, as their abilities can distort their own perceptions of reality. For others, its a gateway to adventures beyond their imagination!

    Once the concept was there, more and more ideas began coming together until this sidebar world became the second most prominent in our planned launch. There are three stories set in the Others Universe in our Phase 1 Bundle, each showcasing a different member of this unique group, and each with connecting threads to still other stories throughout.

    "This is one of those intriguing concepts we hope will create hardcore fans who really want to dig into the Visionary Creation to find all the connections, figure out what they mean, and endlessly speculate about what the future holds," Sellner added. "We love our fans, we want to give them plenty of mysteries, intrigue, and surprises along the way."

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    Spotlight on: Soulstar

    Featured as an ongoing series in our Visions Serialized Collection, SoulStar is a re-imagining of the super-hero mythos, and both our flagship and top breakout character of Phase 1! We open with an amnesiac SoulStar on a strange, alien world, with lots of questions and fractured memories of a terrific battle that hints at the scale of his powers, but leaves many questions as to who he truly is, where he's from, and just what his powers are.

    "We purposefully wanted to go with this story first so we could have readers discover the truth of SoulStar right along with our hero himself. But we promise, this will be a super-hero like you've never seen before, with some really cool twists to his story. SoulStar will be one of the most important figures in the Visionary Creation, and we can't wait to share his story with fans!"

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