Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Boost - Feast your Eyes!!

So, as you might imagine, running a comic studio is something over and above a full-time job! Every day starts out with a simple plan, and usually ends up resulting in tons of, "Oh yeah, gotta do this - NOW" moments. But, I still manage to find some time to do more creative type work, and will be doing a lot more throughout the year thanks to the awesome team who now has my back!.

I've shared a couple art pieces, but its been a while. Got a few more in the pipeline and thought I'd do a catchup post, so, here's the art I've posted in the last few months, all in one place. Enjoy and PLEASE feel free to comment, I enjoy feedback!

I am Groot - Original Pencil Art - Digital Colors
IDW Ghostwalkers Promotion Piece - Digital Art - BW & Color
More coming soon!