Monday, January 26, 2015

Visionary Roundup January 26, 2015

Sorry we've been a little on the quiet side this week! We've been extremely busy behind the scenes with fun stuff! Here's the latest...

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Dead Man's Hand Pre-Order in Last Days!
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January 29th is the last day for normal pre-orders at your local comic shop! We'll be running our Pre-Order Promotion right until the final orders are sent! So, get yours NOW, and post online "I just got dealt the #DeadMansHand to get FREE Books!
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Deadlands: Cackler Kickstarter
We Are Live Tomorrow!

Are you ready for the next major Deadlands volume? Story by Shane Hensley, art by Bart Sears, this next graphic novel will change Deadlands forever as it reveals the secret history of one of the series' greatest villains! For all fans of the Weird West! Get on board early amigo! Launches High Noon!

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