Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deadlands: The Cackler Kickstarter Now LIVE!

The Cackler is Coming! – Are You Ready?
The Kickstarter is now LIVE!

From out of the shadows, one of the most mysterious Deadlands villains steps into the light, and what happens next will change – EVERYTHING! Story by Deadlands creator, Shane Hensley!

Check out this first EXCLUSIVE sneak peek with teaser images from legendary comics artist Bart Sears and Michael Atiyeh – NOW!

Then in February, check back EVERY Tuesday during the campaign for full pages of The Cackler #1! Go Support the Kickstarter – NOW!

We’re in the final days of our Deadlands: Dead Man’s Hand Pre-Order Promotion! Have you been dealt the #DeadMansHand yet? If not, get all the details and do it – NOW!

Black Water Extended Preview

Get an EXCLUSIVE EXTENDED Preview of “Black Water,” a dark tale set in one of the most popular setting of Deadlands: The Great Maze! A rich tycoon becomes obsessed with finding a woman who saved his life years before! But what drives him and what fate awaits him beyond the Black Water?
-Read NOW!

Story: Jeff Mariotte
Art: Brook Turner
Colorist: C. Edward Sellner
Letters: Troy Peteri

Read the Spotlight Feature!
For Previous Deadlands WebComics Check the Series Page!

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