Saturday, October 11, 2014

Visionary News Roundup

There's been a LOT going on with Visionary the last few weeks, so just in case you missed any of the good stuff, we've compiled everything together in one handy place! Check it out!

-Visionary Announces New Partnerships & Deadlands Expansion!
New Partners! New Collections! New Content! Deadlands on the Move!

-Visionary Creation Series Headlocked Returns to Kickstarter!
Our First Official CREATION Series, Headlocked Returns in Force! Wrestling and Comic Superstars are Keeping the Dream Alive!

-Visionary Opens the Doors for New Interns!
Want to Make Comics and Live in the DC-Metro Area? Be a Visionary and Join Us for Practical Guidance and Direction on Professional Projects!
Download the Interns Job Description and Overview

-Visionary Launches Web-Comics Portal with New Content!
Headlocked Short Stories! Deadlands Originals! My Comic Life! Oh My!

-Visionary Supports Local Shows United FanBoyz & Annapolis!
Get the Latest on Our Next Cons, Two Awesome Local Shows!

Check out these Spotlights on Visionary from the Comics' Media!
-Broken Frontier, Bleeding Cool and ICv2 Report on Deadlands!
-Times Union shines the spotlight on creator Michael Kingston!

Stay tuned for more from Visionary Central!