Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Personal Note...

Alright folks, I'm going to step out of my official role here a little and make this personal.

When Visionary launched, a huge part of what we wanted to do was bring something different to the comics medium. We didn't want to do elevated fan-fiction that reads like bad rip-offs of the X-Men and Batman, we wanted to step outside the box. Headlocked, one of our first series, our first published into the direct market, and now our first official CREATION series is just that.

Headlocked is the world's ONLY REAL wrestling comic, and Mike Kingston is good at selling it to wrestling fans. But, no offense, I'm not talking to wrestling fans right now. I'm not personally a wrestling fan myself, so, that's not my point. I am however a damn good judge of comics and talent. I also love this medium, and love good, heart-wrenching dramatic storytelling in any medium, and THAT is why I love Headlocked.

I've gotten to watch Mike grow from his first script into a solid writer, and I've watched this story grow from being a niche target specialty project into a fully realized story that hits me hard every chapter I read. I've edited Mike on  pretty much all of the series, and this last volume, I cursed out loud when I hit the end of the last script because I wanted... I needed more.

The passion, the drive, the love of sport and art is so present in this book it moves me. So, if you haven't supported the Kickstarter, seriously consider it. If you're not familiar with the project and want to try it out, check our main site at Visionary Comics to read short stories setting up the series absolutely FREE. If you are supporting it, spread the word, tell your friends. Tell other wrestling fans, but also tell comic fans, tell fans of hard-hitting drama, tell any quality storytelling fans to get on board. Support something truly, truly Visionary.