Sunday, July 13, 2014

Don't Call It a Comeback...

Chuck at Phoenix Comic-Con Panels Galore!
You may have noticed I've been missing from any real online presence for quite some while. If you haven't noticed... then you don't care about me anymore!!! (ahem)

But yes, life just conspired from me having the time, energy, or inclination to do much on that front. I'm not an internet guy like a lot of folks. I don't live my social life through my social networks. I don't connect with people virtually. While I'm quite capable, the fact is, except where its necessary, like with my freelance work, with clients, collaborators and staff all over the world, I'm old fashioned and prefer all my actual relationships more based on face-time (not the app mind you). Not that there's anything wrong with it, it just never clicked that way with me.

So, for the last couple years, while I've been overflowing with work, the studio has had full client lists, we've been working hard to do the actual paid work coming our way and keeping everything flowing smoothly, there just really was no driving reason to post updates and get out there to promote ourselves. It just wasn't a priority. Sorry if that left some of you 'out of the loop' but its where we were, and where I was especially.

But we're entering a new phase now, one where Visionary as a studio, and myself as a creator are moving more and more into the spotlight, not for other people's projects we're working on or publishing for them, but for our own. Where I was spending 90% of my day running a profitable production studio and digital publisher, most of that now is smooth sailing on project management, and I'm focusing 75-80% of my days on creative work. I get to spend most of my day every day working on prose fiction, comic scripts, finished art, and full art! And the rest of this year, that's going to start showing.

On Visionary's main site and blog, we've just launched our 2014 BIG & NEW promotional campaign, to kick off the rest of the Summer, through to the end of the year.
We've got some pretty major announcements, a bunch of new projects, some amazing new talent and awesome new partnerships we'll be unveiling. Visionary, and myself especially, will also be ramping up a number of public appearances as well as overhauling all our main, blog and social networking sites, so we can roll all this out on various platforms and spread the word! We're very excited about stuff coming down the pipeline and all I know is it's going to be SOOOOO much fun! So, check out our new online presence, connect with us on all your favorite networks, please feel free to say hello, and join conversations, and get ready!